Voices of Peace Regional Meetings

Blédi Association members with IDEA MENA staff. 

In the framework of IDEA MENA's latest project "Voices of Peace",  our head of project Anis Letaief and IDEA MENA's staff member Chaima Fartoun traveled last February to three Tunisian regions: Jendouba, Medenine, and Kasrine. The project was launched in August 2017 and aims at combatting terrorism and extreme violence speeches by using debate techniques, amongst other things. Multiple young groups and associations joined us in our pursuit.

After organizing a national meeting in Tunis celebrating the launch of the project, our team traveled in order to get to know these brave individuals even more. The groups talked about their daily struggles in dealing with poverty, bad living facilities and dangerous and frequent contacts with extremist groups located near their regions.

However, they also shared their personal motivation behind their hard work to make this project a success and to ensure that we reach our objectives, together.

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