Premier Skills

Anis Letaief - IDEA MENA Trainer

IDEA MENA trainers Anis Letaief and Hamza Kaabar took on the responsibility of training a number of teachers and future trainers, in the framework of the British Council’s program “Premier Skills”.

The sessions were divided into two training conferences, both held in Hammamet, Tunisia:

  • The first was from 10 to 12 November
  • The second from 12 to 14 December


Premier Skills is a collaborative project between the Premier League and the British Council, which draws upon the Premier League’s global appeal and expertise in delivering community programmes in the UK, alongside the British Council’s global network, track record of delivery and world class expertise in English.

Through Premier Skills, young people, including the most vulnerable in society, are given opportunities to become better integrated into their local communities, to develop their skills for employability and raise their self-esteem.

By developing strategic in-country partnerships Premier Skills aims to engage with policymakers overseas in the use of football as a tool for wider skills and community development to facilitate systemic change.

Through Premier Skills English, teachers, and learners of English are given free, compelling learning materials, drawing on football-based content from the most exciting football league in the world.

Premier Skills concentrates on three core areas:

  1. Premier League club trainers deliver a coach and referee education programme, providing face-to-face training for grassroots coaches and referees, giving them the skills and support to develop their own community football projects
  2. The programme works with local partners in selected countries to set up and support social action projects that address specific needs and engage marginalized or at-risk youth through regular football sessions
  3. Teachers and learners of English are provided with a range of football-based learning materials, accessed through face-to-face training and digitally, including a dedicated website


Since Premier Skills began in 2007, 17,715 coaches and referees have been trained in 29 countries, who in turn have reached a further 1.5 million young people. 6,000 teachers have received training in the use of the Premier Skills English materials, with 6.5 million views of the materials online.


IDEA MENA’s contribution to the project was through delivering the following training sessions:

  • Leadership skills
  • Team management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Stress management skills
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • Active citizenship
  • Goal setting skills