GEW: Discussion Panel

Last Wednesday, IDEA MENA partnered with Zenith #Debate and IIDEBATE to celebrate the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

A public panel was held to discuss the following topic: “Is Tunisia providing enough efforts to counter unemployment and the plummeting economy?”

Three speakers were invited to provide their points of view regarding the subject based on their professional experience:

  • Mohamed Nahali: Industry and Economy Expert and co-founder of Afkar Think Tank
  • Khalil Tarhouni: Entrepreneurs and Selection Growth and a member of "Endeavor" Tunisia
  • Mohamed Emir Ben Ghodhbene: Investment Manager - Private Equity

Students, professionals and civil society activists were present among the audience and were encouraged to participate and comment on what was being said.

The output of the panel can be resumed in mainly two points:

  • The Tunisian government should invest more in entrepreneurship education and accompaniment
  • Tunisian Youth should be more proactive and take control of their future