First Annual Ambassadors Meeting

IDEA MENA's ambassadors with our trainers Hamza and Omar.

IDEA MENA organized the first annual ambassadors meeting in Hammamet, Tunisia from the 26th to the 28th of January 2018.

Our previously selected country representatives participated in the seminar, among them:

  • Merouane Djellal, ambassador of Algeria
  • Mohamed Adel Eraki, ambassador of Egypt
  • Wafa Garbout, ambassador of Lebanon
  • Hitham Elhammali, ambassador of Libya
  • Azelarab Helmi, ambassador of Morocco
  • Mazen Elzaro, ambassador of Palestine

This was the first edition of the annual meeting for the ambassadorship program: a program launched by IDEA MENA last July, that aims essentially at spreading the debate culture in the MENA region.

The program is a one-year volunteering commitment where each selected ambassador will be based in his/her country of residence and will be responsible, amongst other things, for: 

  • Connecting IDEA network with potential local partners
  • Prospecting about the debate ecosystem in their country of residence
  • Representing IDEA in conferences and meetings
  • Developing & implementing core youth development programs in conjunction with stakeholders.
  • Disseminating pertinent information about local debate organizations.

IDEA MENA organized the first annual meeting in order to bring its ambassadors closer and nurture the relationship between them. 

Our trainers Hamza Kaabar and Omar Doukali ( who is also our project manager) worked endlessly to elaborate a detailed and complete agenda to ensure three main objectives are reached:

  1. Understanding and evaluating the no-corporate sector in the MENA region and the impact of debate on it
  2. Setting the Ambassadorship program goals and objectives
  3. Debate training ( WSDC, WUDC, framing, organizing and moderating a public debate)