Hitham Elhimmali is a 26-year-old Libyan man living in Tripoli, he is a medical doctor at Tripoli medical centre and has been a debate trainer since 2015 working within Young Arab Voices Program, He is also the founder and President of the Libyan Organization of Debates (LOD). He graduated from Tripoli University medical college in June 2016, he also acquired specialization in Global challenges from both Leiden and Geneva Universities, and a Diploma in Governance and Policy advice from the Hertie school of Governance in Berlin. Hitham has participated in many debates, and has won the Libyan YAV tournament in 2014, Tripoli University Tournament in 2015 and was awarded the Gold medal as Best Debater in The Regional Universities Championship in Tunisia Organized by Qatar Debate Centre and the Tunisian Organization of Debates.

Job Title 
Libya Ambassador