Nour Foundation for Relief and Development | Debates

IDEA MENA's trainer, Mrs. Mona Al-Sabouni, has successfully conducted an intensive training cycle to prepare future debate trainers in the format of the British Parliament in Damascus from 21 July to 30 July 2018.

The training was organized by the Nour Foundation for Relief and Development and the participants were the organization's volunteers.

The trainees were provided with tools and a training summary to transfer their knowledge to the centers located in Damascus (Al-Zahra Center) and Damascus countryside (Tal, Al Husseiniya and Sahnaya centers), each promising to provid at least 100 training hours for other NGOs.

After completing two training sessions, the Peace Conflict Festival was held on the International Day of Peace among 10 different associations, with debates on the issues of child labor, family planning and employment.

An awareness-raising debate was held on the causes of underage marriage at the Al-Zahra Center.