Debate Training and Public Debate in Tifelt, Morocco

IDEA MENA staff and trainer,  Tiflet Young Leaders' Network members and public debate attendees.

IDEA MENA has delivered a training on debate and communication skills to Tiflet Young Leaders' Network members on 31/03/2018 in Tiflet, Morocco.

Our trainer, Moez Dhahri, has ensured that the basics of the debate were introduced, followed by multiple debate simulations.

In fact, a public debate was held the next day featuring trainees and two members of the Moroccan Debate Federation as the debaters.

The public debate was held in Arabic and was set around the following motion: "This House believes that economic prosperity is more important than individual freedoms".

A generous group of young intellectuals attended the debate and even participated in the question and answers segment.

You can watch the albums for the Public Debate and Debate Training in the Media section.